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Geni founded Pink Owl Photography in 2009 which has now grown to include two studio locations in two different states and three photographers over the past 14 years. 

Our mission is and always will be to create confidence and self love into every girl, lady, and woman who steps in front of our camera! We believe everyone is beautiful and deserves to have images of themselves they not only like, but love! 





Who We Are

Pink Owl Photography was born out of a passion Geni has had since she was 7 years old. Geni used to dress up her sisters, do their hair & make up, create sets with stools, sheets, and as many live indoor plants she could haul into her playroom, then creatively pose her “models” aka younger sisters! She didn't know it then, but one day she would follow her heart,  take these "practice years" and make this her career! 

After working in a fast paced executive marketing career for years Geni  took an eight week photography course as a way to unwind and fell in love again with capturing portraits of women.  When she saw how a single image of a high school girl could immediately boost their confidence, she knew she’d found what she was meant to do! Pink Owl was born! 


We believe in in the ART of Photography. About creating portraits that capture moments, the real, the different, the parts of you that shine the brightest! We believe in getting to know you, so we can find your superpowers, and showcase them!

What matters most to us, is that you leave your Pink Owl experience feeling as beautiful as we know you are. We are never satisfied with status quo and are continually on the hunt for the best of everything.  We believe that every girl deserves to have images that capture not just her face or her body, but her soul, a reminder that she is BEAUTIFUL just the way she is! 


At Pink Owl we have grown to include not only our 2 amazing photographers Geni, and Jilli but also countless more women who work behind the scenes, keeping our vision & mission close to their heart, to create lots of love for you, thru your Pink Owl Experience. 

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