I had  the  most  amazing  experience  at Pink Owl! From the moment I walked into the studio, I felt so welcomed by the Pink Owl team, Jilli and makeup artist Rachel, and it really help me fully enjoy the experience. It wasn't just a one day affair and you're forgotten after your shoot. Jilli gets to know you and your family on a personal level and keeps up with you beyond your shoot, which was great! Every step of the way my thoughts were encouraged and put into action. Jilli & Rachel made sure to incorporate everything that I wanted and avoided everything that I didn't. If I can do this all over again, I would a thousand times. It is one of my most favorite memories of my senior year.


My biggest fear was that we were not going to see quality or professional photos that were much different than what we would get from the standard portrait photographers we had used for senior photos in the past. That was  not the case, Geni is a very professional, high-end photographer. Her photos are works of art and something we will cherish for years to come.

I loved every part of the senior photography session. I love how Geni relates to the senior girls and becomes a friend/mentor to them. Geni came to one of Emma’s swim meets this summer, because she had learned that swimming was an important activity for Emma and she takes a real interest in the girl’s lives. Geni makes the girls feel so special – from the attention she gives them before the photo shoot (Pinterest pinning, outfit consultation, idea sharing about personal style, locations, etc.) to the way she handles every part of the photo shoot. Very professional and personal at the same time.  When I recommend Geni to friends, I will tell them that they won’t find a better photographer or a photography experience than with Pink Owl Photography. Every detail is attended to and the girls will never forget their senior pictures!

Our biggest fear choosing a photographer was that we didn't have a reference of who to go with.  I had heard of two photographers and had mixed reviews on them. Then,  I came across Pink Owl Photography on social media and fell in LOVE with the quality of the pictures, how the shots were taken, and really showing the personalities of the girls in their pictures.  When I contacted Geni regarding senior pictures for my daughter, she responded in such a friendly manner that made me feel more at ease with the process.  From then on, I just had a great feeling that Pink Owl was the photographer to use.  And boy am I so glad I did!!  Geni Bean went far beyond my expectations as a photographer.  First of all, extremely professional, helped my daughter feel comfortable and relaxed before and during the shoot, and she could not have been more fun and pleasant to be with!! Loved every second of our time together:) The photo shoot was so much fun for Jenni!  Geni was so encouraging and made my daughter feel like a runway model.  Geni gave her the confidence to make the poses desired and she worked with my daughter in such a caring way.  It was also fun to preview the proofs!  So many wonderful pictures to choose from which made it hard but exciting to have so many from such a special experience. I would and have recommended Geni to MANY people because they have seen Jenni's pictures and immediately ask who took them!!  I will never use another photographer if I have the choice!  I wish I had known about Pink Owl two years ago when my son was a senior!

 Love you Pink Owl Photography!  You made what could've been a very stressful experience a very pleasant one and we thank you!!  We will love Jenni's pictures in her beautiful album and her magazine for years to come.  We can't thank you enough:)



For several months, my daughter sent me hundreds of photos to gain my approval for her upcoming senior picture photographer.  Being a hobbyist photographer myself, I find myself to be very “picky”.  Several comments were exchanged between the two of us until one day, she sent me a photo that she had come across that was taken by Jilli.  I knew immediately, we had found our photographer.


I have looked at hundreds of senior photos and until I saw Jilli’s work, what I saw wasn’t a fit for Emory.  Jilli did an amazing job capturing her bright, bubbly and charismatic spirit…but, we got so much more.  The experience was one great memory after another.  From the very first phone call, to just last week…a memory was made with every contact.  Jilli is determined to love these girls and make them feel beautiful, inside and out. She is personal, took the time to get to know Emory and made the entire experience an absolute blast...not to mention, we have her entire collection of amazing photographs to share with our family and friends.

Thank you Jilli.  Your love for your craft shines through you.  We are blessed to have found you, an incredible photographer, person and friend.