Being a Pink Owl was definitely one of the highlights of my senior year. I was nervous about having pictures made to begin with, but as soon as I walked in the Pink Owl studio I felt totally at home. The entire experience, from the time I sent my initial email inquiry to today and beyond has been incredible. Jilli is an unbelievably talented photographer who puts such a premium on making "getting senior pictures done" about more than just getting your picture taken. Being a Pink Owl has definitely given me beautiful pictures to keep forever, but more importantly it has granted me some fantastic memories. Jilli has taught me so much about being strong, confident, and positive, and I am so grateful for the incredible experience she has provided!! I cannot recommend Pink Owl highly enough, it is just THAT amazing!

The Pink Owl experience is every teenage girl's dream. Full of fun,  fashion,  glamour,   hair, and makeup- it is the best way to end your high school career. Having worked with Jilli my sophomore year for head shots for the Governor's School for the Arts, and having such an incredibly fun and easy shoot with her, I knew I needed to return to Pink Owl for my senior session. When we first signed up for the senior session, I started receiving fun information packets (pink and sparkly!!) in the mail and it made me so excited. Jilli let me decide what kind of shoot I wanted, took the time to get to know me, and made it all about me. I felt like a princess! My hair and makeup was professionally done while Jilli helped me piece my outfits together at the studio. She took me to the most secret and exciting locations for the shoot- we even went to The Kentucky Center for the Arts!! After the shoot was over and a couple weeks went by it was time to see and choose my photos! They were top notch fabulous amazing one-of-a-kind photos. I was then able to choose (from several mediums) how I wanted to keep my photos. I got an amazing deluxe package with a flash drive of ALL my pictures, a bamboo signing board, my own personal magazine of myself, and so much more. I will treasure the incredible pictures Jilli took of me and the experience she gave me for the rest of my life. Every teenage girl deserves to be a Pink Owl!!

Pink Owl Photography is a CLASS ACT!!! Geni is an awesome young woman who has an incredible vision for each client and endless energy and passion. She has an artistic eye that will personalize your photography. Pink Owl is an experience...it's way beyond just sitting for your Senior Portraits. It is a memorable occasion that you will recall over and over with a fondness and big smiles! We didn't want the session to come to an end.  Geni is beyond patient and makes each client feel like they are the most special and the most gorgeous! We can and will HIGHLY recommend Pink Owl to friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else who will listen.



My biggest fears were that the photographs would either not be worth the money (lol) or that I would feel uncomfortable while taking the pictures and not know what to do. Those did not come true at all!! It was so easy to get along with Geni and feel comfortable while taking the pictures. I was told exactly what to do, and more importantly, how to do that. Also, the pictures were very much worth the money because they turned out absolutely great! Everyone loved them and it definitely made me look great, too.  My favorite part of the experience was definitely taking the pictures because I felt so much like a model! It was so fun to get all dolled up for the day and pose in my best outfits. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I also loved our session together picking out the pictures because it was so fun looking at all of the amazing options!

Geni is the absolute best! She is so easy to get in contact with beforehand, and makes sure to keep up with you afterwards. If you have no idea what to do during the shoot, she will step-by-step tell you what to do. It is so easy to get along with her and you always feel comfortable while taking your photos.